Things that impressed me about Jeff Hammerbacher

I stumpled upon one of his interviews on YouTube and immediately got impressed by what he has  achived at such a young age. I guess a great startup company can be the launch pad for many of its early employee’s career takeoff. He joined Facebook in 2006 as a mananger of data. At that time, the title of Data Scientist probably hasn’t been invented yet. With such a golden brand and pioneer experience, he embarked on a remarkable journey of data science. 
Even before I dig deeper into his career, just by listening to him talking for a few minutes, I immediately realize this guy is super smart. He speaks pretty fast but always with ample content  and always in a concise way. As an MBA who had to listen to a lot people pretending to be smart and had to endure a lot of empty conversations, I found listening to people like him is quite enjoyable. More interestingly, a couple of seconds into the conversation you notice that he is nerdy and even a little bit shy. However, a few seconds later, when you hear the content he is delivering and the assured tone he has, you hear a voice of confidence and determination. 
I can’t help but finding him on LinkedIn. Check it out: There’s only one word in the summary: curious! There are good, bad and great summaries on LinkedIn. This is one of the great summaries. Concise to the limit but precise in giving the core value prop for this person. I am sold. Clicked the button “connect”. 

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