Remembering The Old Fuck

Btw, George Carlin used to call himself the old fuck, jokingly.

I discovered George Carlin on YouTube in 2009, one year after his death, June 22, 2008. He actually held his last live show “It’s Bad for Ya” in 2008. For the second time, an American live stage actor impressed me. The first one was Michael Jackson. Like what MJ did to me in his music video, George converted me within a couple of minutes. 
However, George Carlin isn’t for everyone. When you look into the sky at night and see the shining stars, if you marvel at their beauty,  but never realize the emptiness and darkness surrounding the stars, you may not appreciate George for he might be way too “cynical” for you. He talks about the irony in life and claims that he has lost hope in the human beings and put himself into the spectator’s position without any emotional attachment. Judging by the intensity of his jokes, I disagree. I think he still has too much love for the human beings and America, maybe more than he wanted to. Because the opposite of extreme disappointment is not dislike, it’s indifference. As long as he is still whining about how much America disappoints, he still holds high expectations for it. In another word, he still loves it. Not trying to defend him or persuade you to like him, I simply want to point out a way that you might understand him. 
Life is a huge comedy when you are able to see it that way. George catches ironies in life that we often ignore and more importantly he is stellar at putting them into stories and telling them in a funny way. In terms of intensity of the sarcasm and depth of thoughts, another comedian comes pretty close to him in my opinion. Bill Maher. There’s one problem with Bill Maher though. He is very partisan. If you don’t blindly root for Democrats and blindly hate Republicans, you might find some of Bill’s jokes not so funny.  
6 years after his past away, I hope George is at peace some where. And let’s revisit his best jokes: 

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